Great Rivers Archaeological Services of

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Great Rivers Archaeological Services

Great Rivers Archaeological Services was founded in 1998 by Vincent Versluis (M.A. Anthropology) and serves as Principal Investigator on all Phase I, II and III archaeological projects. Versluis, who is a member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, has over 30 years of archaeological field and laboratory experience. Versluis has been involved in archaeological surveys and excavations in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, as well as in Belize and Mexico. 

As Principal Investigator, Versluis has completed more than 220 archaeological surveys and excavations throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Indiana, the reports of which have all been reviewed and accepted by the respective State Historic Preservation Office. Some of the Phase I surveys are conducted with the assistance of Jesse Robinson (B.A. Anthropology) and Colin Sleeper (B.A. Environmental Sciences). For larger projects, additional professional archaeological field/lab technicians and field supervisors are hired on a project to project basis.